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You woke me up, now, you must DIE! quote D

August 7, 2006

Why is that if you have more than one child, one will sleep while the other does not? OR….if they are both waking up at night constantly, it is not synchronized? Newborns only count to a small extent…they are unformed unaware people and are helpless blobs for the most part. I am talking about bigger kids that were sleeping, not peeing in the bed and did not scream all night because you are not with them.

We have struggled with sleep issues, as most parents have , with both our kids. Our son just did not want to sleep long streches. Going to sleep, not an issue, STAYING asleep, is the problem with both of my beasts, uh, um, children. My daughter has done everything early and remarkably on her own for the most part. At 9 months she stopped falling asleep breastfeeding so after 2 nights of endless nursing on the couch, I just stuck her in her crib attached to our bed and told her to sleep. It took about 3 weeks to be able to just lay her down and leave but then that is what she did…just fell asleep on her own.

Both my kids go to bed at about 6:30 or 7. Without fail. Unless WE keep them up, they are asleep by 7ish every single night. No, they don’t care the sun is still out. No, they do not protest…they are just tired. So, they sleep. BUT, they do not stay asleep. My son, the big time sleeper, is waking now that we are going to the pool for hours on end because he swallows half the pool and then must wait until after midnight to pee it all out in his bed because he is too exhausted from swimming to awaken and pee in the potty.

Last night my lovely son woke right when I went to sleep at 10:30 because he peed in his bed. I sent him to the top loft of his bed. At 1:30 he awoke because his covers were all messed up so , I sent him to sleep in his sisters bed which she doesn’t use now cause she is SCARED of everything. He woke up knocking softly at my door at about 6:30 ish. I ignore the soft knocking for as long as I can. About 5 minutes is what I could stand and I realized I was not going back to sleep. I got up, opened the door and hissed softly, “what”. My oldest says…”Guess what I saw out my was a..” I cut him off and snarled very softly, trying to not wake up our daughter, ” GO   BACK   TO   YOUR    BED” and  I shut the door very softly.

Since I get up with the kids all night, I get to sleep in and my dearest D gets up with them in the morning. My husband came up to get me at 9am and two hours of uninterrupted blissful sleep and I told him that they make me want to rip off a limb and beat them with one. So his response was, “you woke me up, NOW, you must die.”

That is why I love him. We share our hatred of the children equally and fully understand that it is mixed with love and devotion. Just because you love someone does not mean that you have to like them all the time. We do live for our kids to a large degree, but our life does not revolve completely around them. Although it does appear so at night. The only alternative that I see to being with our kids when they wake up and helping them through whatever is going on is good ole duct tape. That seems like a waste of good tape so for now, we will continue to be interrupted.

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  1. The Amazing Ryan Machine permalink
    August 8, 2006 6:14 pm

    Don’t they have and Ambien Jr. out yet?? I’m sure i saw a commercial for it.

    Lacking that however, just get’em drunk on brown liquor, and they’ll pass right out.
    Of course, then you’ll have to deal with their hangover… Hmmm..

    Looks like your stuck. (But i’ll check into the barbiturates for kiddies; someone MUST have thought that up by now.)

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