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So little time

August 4, 2006

It is officially over. I have nothing to study. It feels, well, wrong. It is an unusual feeling, this empty brain feeling and I like it. I like it much better than memorizing the chemical reaction in penile and clitoral erection. Normally it would be quite titillating (uh, tit…hu, hu, ha) but when the Man That Swears is describing it and saying arterioles of the penis and clitoris over and over and over again…it looses its sex appeal. When someone that is a little lispy, oldish and dorky (in a science man type way) says the words penis and clitoris over and over…they tend to loose their appeal. You may be experiencing this right now…the loss of affect. I swear I thought learning some biology would inhance my life in many ways. It has mostly served to confuse me further and question what really exists outside my own head. It is all too complex. It is all too convoluted like Rube Goldberg contraptions.
I was talking with my brother and he was telling me about Cosmic Foam. We take up, according to science, about 1 % of the available space in our space of space. The other 99% of what is left over, they have no idea what it is or where it comes from or what it is made of and why it is there.  I feel like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. “I could sit around and think the things I have never thought before…then I’d sit, and think some more…” except that there is no end to this wondering. I have taken too many philosophy classes.
So for now I must be content with what I do know. Things like why chemically the penis becomes erect, why we don’t see anything in the dark, the bones in the body and other biological crap like that. I am off to take up some space, do some stuff and NOT GO TO SCHOOL for 3 whole weeks!

(hum Alice Cooper’s …”Schools, out for summer….schools out for EVER!”)

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  1. August 6, 2006 2:42 am

    OK, I’m tired, I think I’m not understanding cosmic foam. Is it like dark matter? Or not?

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