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The anticipation of the end

July 31, 2006

This is the last week of my A&P class with the man that swears. Hallelujah! Praise…um, …uh…whatever she is. It is a relief that it is over and depressing because  I can’t go back and do better than I am doing now. I feel more prepared for my next practical and am going to the lab to look at the sheep brains and cow eyeballs again. Hopefully someone will cut one open for me. While looking at some of the slides I became fascinated with the graffian follicle of the ovary. It looks just like  an egg. I mean, I KNOW it is an egg, but it looks like an egg. MMmmm. Eggs. I haven’t had breakfast yet.

For your snacking pleasure…

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  1. August 1, 2006 2:28 am

    For an athiest, you do reference The Big Person frequently, it seems to me. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR PRACTICAL!

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