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Tickling when you know all the muscles in the body

July 25, 2006

My son is VERY ticklish. Very. Tonight I realized he is most tickelish on his Serratas Anterior. And his Rectus Abdominius. Also, his Trapezius is very sensitive.

I found out today that the Man That Swears will mime action for us during our Lab Practical to demonstrate the various ways a muscle may move. I am so looking forward to that. He says he will not be wearing a white face and black beret, which is disappointing. Bummer.

BUT, I did get an 85.5% on my last test and am well on my way to knowing all the muscles and will get a B in this class. Whew. I hope. I have to get a 90% on the practical to do so, I am pretty sure.

I have been waiting for this A&P class to enhance my sex life…but alas, nothing extra to add to my knowledge so far. I will keep you posted.(not)

I think of all the functions I take for granted everyday that my body performs. And still perfoms despite the wine and TINGS I  pile into it.  I am so amazing. (not)

And yes, we will have pictures of body builders on our practicals…hmm….I wonder what the Man That Swears will do with these after the exam? I don’t think I actually want to know.

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