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Stop eyeballin’ me

July 17, 2006

Today in Lab we (well, the pretty girl Deana that likes to do the dissections) cut open a cow’s eyeball. It was a tie between what was worse…the smell or looking at the actual eyeball. The inside of the eye was cool and interesting and I am GLAD that I did not have to touch it or reach into the BIG bucket of eyeballs to get one out with the tongs. We had to cut away the cornea and around the ciliary body to reveal the interior portion of the eye. The aqueous humor is the liquid anterior portion of the eye and it leaked out all over the tray and would squirt out as she was cutting the membrane apart. I looked around at everyone during class while the teacher, the Man Who Swears, did a sample one for us. Most people had wrinkled noses, mouths clamped shut in a grimace and were shifting their weight back and forth uncomfortably. A few were grinning and totally into it.

Which one was I? Hmmmmm.

Luckily, I remembered to eat my lunch while working over the diagrams BEFORE the eyeballs came out.

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  1. Laura permalink
    July 18, 2006 2:39 pm

    Mmmmmmm, mmmmmm . . . can’t get enough of those bovine eyeballs. How fondly I remember dissecting that fetal pig in college biology. Nothing like the smell of formalin to get the digestive juices a-flowin’. YUM.

    PS About that beer, I don’t think I can do it on Friday. We have a playdate scheduled for early afternoon and probably won’t make it to the pool until evening. And your kids go to bed pretty early, yeah? Anyway, I’ll be up for some brewage another time soon. See ya’.

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