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I love my little brother

July 15, 2006

He is the greatest. He is 12 year younger than me and he is exactly what I always wished for. Seriously, for about 11 years, I asked for a brother for xmas. Finally my father and stepmother complied. My brother said one of the nicest things ANYONE has ever said to me in my life. I will never forget it.

I was 16 and in CA for spring break (paid for my own ticket and held a chimpanzee in Tijuana, was a good trip) and got to hang with my brother. My dad, crazy man as he is, let me have the car while he was at work so Ryan and I could tool around together. I was TERRIFIED of the freeways and drove like 55 mph (very , very slow in CA terms) to drop him off and come and get him that whole week. One day, we were finally going to the beach, to play soccer as little bro had been requesting and nagging. We are already to go and he breaks out in uncontrollable tears and choking sobs. I ask and ask what the deal is and finally blurts, “I don’t wanna go to the beach!” He is 4. I ask why? He says, “You are so pretty and someone might steal you and then I will never have you anymore and I will be all alone…(sob, choke, snort, sob)”. I assure him that I am not that good looking and I will never leave him.

The second nicest thing anyone ever said to me was my son. About 2 months after my daughter was born, he was just 3 and I had bought some ridiculous looking lacy, non-supportive fancy bras cause I felt fat and ugly and thought a little racy underwear would make me feel more like a chick and less like a fat postpartum mama. I had just put my skirt and new lacy blue satin bra on and my son walked into my room. He took a look at me, with surprise and frankness said, “wow, mama, your Nee-Nees (breasts…his word for nursing, my breast/s, ect..) are all dressed up. Looks nice!” and then walked out of my room.

Bunch of smoothies man. I tell you, some men know just how to get ya.

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  1. amy permalink
    November 18, 2006 5:45 pm

    hey there,
    i’m curious about the chimpanzee. i hung out with a chimp in tijuana about 20 years ago. did you meet the chimps owner? if i email you his picture, can you tell me if it’s the same guy? i’d love to reconnect with him and the chimp.

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