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My son, the speaker

July 14, 2006

My goodest friend Keith took my son to summer school camp the other day for us as we had some errands to do and our daughter decided to sleep until 8am..unheard of in our home! Today at my sons school, we were standing around talking waiting for the kindergarten class to come out to the courtyard and he told me something my dearest sweetie said the other morning.

My son likes to complain. A lot. It is his second career. (first being touching his penis, to quote Keith, “it is like a tool they need to crank every 5 minutes to get the required oxygen or something. ha) My son was complaining about how heavy his backpack was and whined for Keith to carry it. Keith said, Dude.. you are about 6 steps from the door and I have to go back to the car to get my sons’ folder for school. My son complained more, until his BFF said, I will carry it for you. (he is such a sweetie and BIG and STRONG, too) My son refused and then said to Keith,

“For christs sake, give me a fucking break and carry this.”

Keith said many parent heads whipped around to see the potty mouth. (his public charter school is inside of an old church which is right next door to a convent)

I am first proud he used it in context and second glad that I have stopped swearing. I wonder how his Dad is doing at home with them while I learn how many pairs of cranial nerves there are and what they do. (there are 12 pairs, BTW).

I am sorry I missed it.

It was almost as good as when we were in Ptown for vacation visiting family. Were at the local playgroup we have gone to for the last 4 years and during the sing-a-long my son tried to get everyone to sing-a-long to “Crab” by Weezer. I think he would have had more success with getting everyone to sing, “I fought the law and they law won” by the Clash. That is his other song he knows by heart and sings often. Although I miss his orginal version where he sang, “I fought the log and they log won”.

Rock on man.

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  1. July 15, 2006 1:30 am

    Holy cow! My story is not nearly as good – my 2 year old ratted me out to my husband a couple weeks ago by using the word dammit (in proper context!). I have now sworn off swearing.

    BTW, his favorite music is old Kingston Trio – drinking songs, sailor songs…kids are too stinking cute.

  2. Gina permalink
    July 15, 2006 4:27 am

    Sam has been known to sing “Rock the Casbah.” Maybe they can have a Clash party.

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