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Brains…brains…I need more brains…

July 14, 2006

So, have you ever dissected a sheep brain? They are remarkably similar to a human. I DID NOT touch the brain. I looked at it. I did not even poke it although I did help dry the dissecting tools after they were washed. OMG. They smell putrid and sweetish due to the formaldehyde and whatnot used to preserve them. In our Lab book, they showed us how to drill into the skull using a small circular saw and scoop out the brain to dissect. LUCKILY for us , they were neatly sealed in ziplock type bags. I don’t know if the brand was actually ziplock or not. The bag was the nicest part as it kept the nasty brain away from me and the ordor molecules from entering into my body. Cause, you know smell is a thing, not just in the “air” and gets into your body. ick.

So, luckily for me there are LOTS of people who like doing this and I could just watch. I even went to lab twice because I am apparently stupid and am getting a SUCK grade so far. All the straight A’s I have gotten didn’t pass the word on to this class that is the way I roll.

Corey, my nice friend who reminded me his mom is only 37 and that I could be his mom did most of the cutting today. As an aside, my teacher, the man who swears, likes to point out all things vaguely sexual and kinda dirty during class. Lots of bio terms are named after womens body parts as in mammary glands (not boobs but a part of the brain behind the optic tract, papillary layer (means nipples) and so on. Today, while discussing the Vagus nerve he explained that while some functions of the body are autonomic (our body does them without us telling it to) that you can learn to control certain parts and override the natural instinct.

Like ninja’s and sumo wrestlers learn to retract their testes back up into their bodies so that when kicked in the nuts nothing happens. That trick my come in handy for my Brother who is pretty tall and his nuts are just at head height on my son and when he runs to his uncle, he gets nailed every single time. He needs to be schooled by some ninjas.

This one really pretty girl who has the most amazing breasts ever (not that I look at all girls breasts, but hers are all pushed up and spill out of her shirt and I spend 3 hours two times a week sitting next to her, so I see them a lot) whew…marveled at how small a sheeps brain is.

I asked her if she knew any sheep? She replies, No. I explain that they might be some of the dumbest animals on the planet. Seriously. If they were not domesticated and tended by humans, their kind would have died out long, long, long ago. The corpus quadragemina (meaning..4 twin bodies) respectively the superior and inferior colliculous are the centers that control the startle reflexes. The superior is visual and inferior is auditory. In a sheep , the superior is HUGE in comparison because they are prey animals who must RUN for dear life if they see anything coming their way. FUN side project…at your next adventure to a farm or petting zoo, stand very still near a sheep and then just move suddenly (not loudly or forcefully, just suddenly) and what him run. His running in a frenzy will insight his friends to be like “OH MY GOSH… of us is freaked…LETS ALL FREAK OUT” Seriously, after about 30 seconds the sheep have forgotten why they are running around and will get this confused look on their face while they wait for someone else to stop and take a rest because they have forgotten that they SHOULD be running. They are pretty cute, especially the baby lambs, but DUMB. Cute does not = smart. Much like people.

If you want smellivision with this…go open a jar of rotten pickels and inhale.

and yes, I can now name all the parts

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