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I need a time machine but am too stupid to build one

July 12, 2006

Have you ever noticed (channeling Andy Rooney here) that if you could just turn back time you could fix everything in your life. Why isn’t there  a do-over atleast a few  you could use. Like “get out of jail free” cards in monopoly. That is what I need right now. You know when you bust your ass for something and then you realize that the stuff you were concentrating on what NOT what you needed in the end?

There are so many areas of life like that…parenting especially comes to mind. I totally regret giving my daughter ice cream and sweet stuff at such an early age. We are/were terrible about denying her while her brother, 3 years her senior devoured yummy chocolate goodness and stuff like that. My son was probably 2 before he had candy or chocolate and still does not really like cookies or cake things. He like icing, ice cream, chocolate and peppermints. BUT he also loves, loves, loves cauliflower, mushrooms, capers, asparagus, and pretty much any veggie we give him. He prefers an apple or some cheese to a sugary snack. My daughter on the other hand will NOT eat any veggie or fruit except for bananas. She will eat baby food fruit and some veggie things if I cut them/puree them and mix them with her rice or pasta. She will eat anything (mostly) on pizza. She will eat those veggie nuggets and likes the broccoli and spinach ones a lot. But will shriek like a hyena if you even suggest a piece of veg or fruit on her plate. Dearest sweetie will eat any cupcake or muffin in front of her.

So you might say, well, that is easy, just give her what she eats. That is fine, but then we are making a special meal for her and one for us. We don’t need pizza every night. Or pasta. Or rice. Sometimes we like stir fry or mexican. I can sneak in those foods for her ,but when will she just EAT the dinner we make. I feel like it is my fault and we have created a cookie monster.

I might be dwelling on the small things, cause in the words of Chez Miscarriage (i miss her!) the sound of the world splitting apart for MOI is ====68% on my Lab Practical. It is     1/4 of my grade and I HAVE to get a 90% on next to just get a B. Which means I might (ha..probably) get a C or B if I am very, very, very,very lucky and this crap sinks into my brain and will get kicked off the Honor society and won’t get to take my Honors psych class I am soooo looking forward to. I am NOT cut out for this science thing. I got an A+ in my psych 103 class and my teacher was a weirdo. I do not want to associate my terrible grade with the severe fertility issues experienced by Getupgrl, but right now…all I hear is GONG, GONG, GONG…you will fail…you can never study enough. You suck.

Do you think if I tell the teacher I hear voices he will just give me a B? I could totally fake some schizophrenia to get a good grade.

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  1. July 12, 2006 6:02 pm

    OK update, please, how did it go?

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