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Do you often sing or whistle just for fun?

July 5, 2006

If you would like to register with this website,it is a College and take a personality test about happiness you should set aside some time and do it. I am required to do this for my psych class and I find it disingenuous. I think it would be more helpful for you to take it then if you have one, your significant other or closest friend should take it and compare your perception with theirs. Part of what makes you successful and happy as a person is the correlation between who you think you are and who you really are. If your image of yourself and who you truly are matches well, you generally find much satisfaction in your life and success.

I felt funny answering questions about myself and don’t know if I answered truthfully. I would be interested to know if anyone takes the 24 Character Strengths test and what you thought/scored.

Extra Credit assignment: If you can tell me what song , band and album/cd the title of this entry comes from AND what it is cribbed from…I will send you a surprise. You will of course have to give me your address and such, BUT, I promise (and according to this survey I took–I am pretty reliable?) to send you a prize. The first one to do it gets the prize. You have to post it to here. DON”T put your addy for a prize in the post…We can take care of that privately–otay?

ALSO, very important today…my dear sweet Debbi and her Hubby Keith are having their TWINS today. Welcome to the world Sabrina and Simon. Congratulations to Morgan, Ethan, Justin and Owen who are the older siblings. Yea to Miss Melma, you are so excited to be a new granny! Stay away from the oven cleaner though and leave that work to the professionals. We love you all and wish you well!

*****Update***** The babies are here. At 12 noonish Sabrina came out and then Simon was retrieved via her OBGYN’s hand into HER UTERUS (extreme sport birth) and was pulled out by his feet to join sister and family. Miss Melma is beside her self. As she should be. Keith is SLEEPY and so is Debbi but is buoying between happy/can’t stop looking at them and tired. I brought a bday cake and it was “yum” as Owen says. I saw them about 5 hours after they were born. “Fresh” as my friend Christine said to me when my daughter arrived. They are ridiculously cute, tiny and perfect. Simon has blondish hair and looks like Ethan, Owen and Keith. Sabrina looks like Justin and Debbi. So far. Perfection. I got to hold them and see Simon nurse his mama. I cried and was mocked. BUT, I brought cake so the crowd was tamed by chocolate and bavarian cream filling. They weighed, 6 lb 1oz and 6 lb 2 oz and were both 20″ long. Yea Debbi, Keith and Clan. KISSES and HUGS.*******

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  1. July 6, 2006 10:35 am

    Well, I had to Google it. I guess I’ve been out of the loop – now, had it been something from Jethro Tull, I coulda been a contender.

    Hey, that’s a good size for twins!

  2. Gina permalink
    July 7, 2006 2:45 am

    I took the 24 strengths test–I scored highest on citizenship! And I got a 3.75 on the authentic happiness one.


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