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Nothing says “I love my country than…

July 4, 2006

blowing up a small piece of it” –the simpsons

Here is hoping you all stay out of the emergency rooms and enjoy fireworks deployed by professionals. Drink beer and eat until you burst.

We enjoyed our community pool very much and to show what a high class operation they are…they had FREE beer and wine. Freshly grilled burgers were only 2 bucks with all the fixins. They even had veggie ones. Speaking of vegatarian/vegan things…I heard the funniest thing the other night on TV. Mario ? from Cooking with Mario on the foodnetwork was interviewing Michael Stipe from REM, who seems like an EGO maniac and a bit out of touch with the er, real world (still very talented when he is doing his thing, don’t get me wrong..”

ANYWAY, Mario was invited to a vegan dinner with some of his interviewees friends ( famous, of course) and after being asked how he enjoyed his vegan dinner, he said, “Oh I enjoyed it very much. I like vegans. Some of my favorite things to eat are vegan”. Ha.

Mean/scary but funny to me. I was  veggie for a bit but I missed bacon too much.

Enjoy your holiday my friends. Exert some freedoms today. Burn a flag, march around, be free.

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