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The sun, the sun, the glorious sun!

June 28, 2006

Today was the first day of moderate sun in more than 5 days. Seriously, the children are lucky to be alive still. We joined a neighborhood pool this year as we would be enduring the full frontal assault of heat and humidity that makes this area of the east coast mostly unbearable from mid June to mid September. This pool is just fab. Full of crunchy hippie mamas, tattooed goddess mamas, regular mamas and every fanciful version you can think of. The one kind of mom that is absent, thankfully, are the moms that are 40ish, with 4 kids, who look like they are 25 and wear full makeup and jewelery to the pool. I am kind of in a rut right now with my body, I am not feeling so awful that I am ashamed to be in my suit. Most people are pretty cool, friendly and easy to talk with.

I got to talking with one mom today, a teacher at a progressive school here in the City. She and I talked about the weird phenomenom of “sharing”. Yes, it is a good concept. I do ascribe to it myself and share that philosophy with my children. BUT, I do not make them share, at all times, under all circumstances. The pool where we belong is filled with kiddie toys, cups, do-hickeys, rafts and thing-a-ma-bobs that are endlessly exciting to play with. Some people also bring toys. Most every single kid I have seen shares so easily that it is not an issue here. Parents are pretty laid back and will distract their child if things get too heavy. I have only seen one mama INSIST that her child share and be shared with.

My really smart friend Alexis brought up this really, really good point. The world is not fair and why are we making everything fair for kids. Yes, it is a good idea. Yes, we should teach our kids to be nice and kind and share. Yes, sharing and being kind make you feel good versus the icky way being a turd makes most people feel. Taking that into consideration, shouldn’t parents encourage the reasoning behind sharing and being nice rather than forcing children to act in a way that is so obviously against our nature that we have to be taught to do it?

Perhaps I am just lazy.

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