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are you what you think you are????

June 23, 2006

I just took this quiz on line, my dear sweet brother told me about online…so, what religion does it say you are?

As most might guess, I am an atheist.

duh. The other things I am a % of…is kinda spooky though.

Speaking of god, I asked my good friend to tell me how computers work..not the insides of the them, but how does the information I see on my screen GET to my computer? He was patient and didn't mock me to my face/voice (it was over the phone) and I am grateful he is such a nice guy.

I truly had no idea what he was talking about and now a  bit more freaked out then I was before. Sheesh. This will be like my thing with fire I am sure. Also, I am afraid of ice. I have my problems. Don't we all?

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  1. June 23, 2006 2:32 am

    Thanks for commenting, at least I know someone is out there.
    I don’t think I’m in the ‘community’. Our group has a site on the site, but that’s it. I’ve been a leader for almost five years and have other things going on and haven’t gotten into the LLL site much, I know there is a lot there. I am interested in leading an online group possibly in the fall or spring, my youngest goes to school in fall. Yipee!!
    Nice to meet you . Let’s chat more.


  2. June 29, 2006 4:24 am

    Hey. I swung through here via Best Blog, and I must say your frankness and honesty is quite refreshing. I too took the quiz, and actually found the results hit rather close to home. Mind you the questions did not beat around the bush either.


  3. July 1, 2006 2:09 pm

    I came up agnostic, though I am a practicing (though wobbly) Catholic. It makes sense.

    I’m enjoying your blog! If you ever decide to hang it up, we could use you on Momsquawk.


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