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What I like about Ptown is that

June 4, 2006

…it is such a free and accepting place. I love that I am a minority there…meaning that I am straight with kids and most everyone there is gay and without children. I love that I see more Drag Queens there than in a showing of Too Wong Foo with Love…I love that it is so clean and beautiful and picturesque and smells like ocean and faintly of skunk. I love all the good food and friends we can share it with there. I love my friends' Starr and Maxs' restaurant Tofu A-Go-Go and MUST have the Crack. I wish Starr would give me the recipe. sigh. I love the chickadees that fly like little heliocopters buzzing your head for some sunflower seeds. I love how all the birds duck for cover when they see the Turkey Vultures flying their wobbly circles thinking they are real hawks about to eat them. I love to watch the goslings crash whenever mom and dad take a rest and stay put. I love the beach and all the dogs running with joyful abandon. I love friends that all know my name and think my kids are so cute and regard them with awe and wonder as kiddos are not that common there. I always feel so special for procreating when I am there, not just one of the drones wondering around Target with our brood. I love that I can dress up with makeup and jewelery at the beach and I don't look silly. I love that I can dance and shake my booty like a crazy person and I look tame and sedate compared to the hot guys with out shirts and ass-less chaps that make up the majority of the dance floor. I love the holindase sauce at Cafe Heaven and that they automatically know to scramble my eggs instead of poach them because Liz is my friend and I am a regular. I love that I get free lobsters and such and can bring them home to share with friends. (our 4lb lobster was roasted in the oven with garlic butter and it was pretty fucking good!) I love my friend Leslie and that when we walk around with or without kids, people think we are a couple and she is pretty hot so that is cool. I love that my son knows that a man in drag is a man but doesn't care and just accepts it as just another person on the planet which is the way it should fucking just be everywhere. I love the gallerys, especially Art Strand and Berta Walker. I love George Bryant and think the senseless persecution of his property and how he keeps it is a real testament to how that town is changing and not in a good way.

With all that LOVE in mind, I am grateful to come to a home that I can afford, a diverse neighborhood, friends that care for me and I can share things in common with, cheap eats, our regular babysitter, our beautiful new (to us) house in Lauraville, our routine and life here. I also missed my bed a lot.

I am so grateful that I ended up in Ptown and met my husband (14 years this year!) and fell in love with him. Provincetown is weird like that. Most people just sort of end up there and make some kind of life. I love that my life with D started there. It is a beautiful beginning.  

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  1. Joey permalink
    June 7, 2006 2:30 am

    I just wanted to let you know that I loved your letter and now I am sooooooooo homesick!!!!!!!! Hate living up here in the city and shopping at Target haha!

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