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The children are still alive and I am not on drugs or drunk!

June 3, 2006

Vacation/visiting family was a success, mostly. My husband only worked a tiny bit and it was nice to help out. The weather was mostly cool, sunny and gorgeous. Ptown is always so pretty. I forget exactly how beautiful it is sometimes.

We went to Beech Forrest (not a typo…it is a Beech tree forest, but also near the beach…) and saw the baby goslings with the Mama and Papa geese, Jasper spotted a rare hummingbird and baby turtles, chickadees flew into our hands and buzzed us like helicopters, endangered pink lady slipper flower, frogs, titmice (heh..ha, titmice), red winged black birds, cardinals, orioles, red tree squirrels, chipmunks, dragonflies and many other lovely woodland creatures.

I have many thoughts to share but I am too tired, so here are pictures of some pretty spots. 

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