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May 21, 2006

I just hosted a baby shower for my friend who is having twins in July and it was so much fun. Yum food, fun people and we played silly games too. There were funny stories being told about small boys and their fasination with their erect penis' and how proud they are and of silly thing our kids say. It was really a lot of fun.

 I just love my friends mom who said one of the funniest sentences I have heard in a long time…"My daughter was on a track team with an albino and the albino did not get  sunburn but my red-headed child did!" Ha.

Also, my pregnant friend liked my zen thought to our friend Jen about her hubby not digging their kiddo being naked, so I reminded them, "everyone is naked beneath their clothes." Ohhmm.

Thanks to everyone that came and helped with our collective gift….Kate, Marcy, Christina, Joanne, Velma, Gina, Megan, Donna (who couldn't be there!), Karen, Angela, Danielle, Jen, Heidi (who also couldn't be there!), Sarah (thanks for your extra help!), Caroline, Sue, Katharine,Christina H., Megan S., and of course, Debbi!

 We are off to Cape Cod tomorow. I might be gone for a bit. So, off to the sea side of the fruits and nuts.


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