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Rock on my bad mouthed son

May 16, 2006

So, we had to go to a new preschool due to many problems with his old one. (we had to close the school…too many depressing reasons to list) His old school was a Cooperative Preschool concentrating on learning through supervised play, educating at the opportunity (like..someone asks about flowers, so the Teacher uses that to sound out flower, ask what letter it starts with, what colors flowers are, how do they grow….ect–get it?). It was a great school. I miss it a lot.

So, yesterday was our first day to work in the classroom at the new Tater Tots (not their real name..protected for privacy reasons) and my husband was trying to remember what kinds of educational things they did. Hard pressed to remember, at dinner he finally remembered a few. One of which was the fact they were talking about bugs at school. The "teacher" had some facts written on cards. She kept calling the aphids, "amphids"? and then talked about the fact that bugs have 3 parts of their body, "the head, the middle and the other part." I say incredulously, "geez, even I know the "other part" is the thorax" My sweet mouthy sons quips, "Yea, she is dumb ass thorax!"

I love when he uses cuss words in the correct context. I feel like such a superior parent. I am so proud.

We don't usually like to encourage his disrespct for grown ups, but this woman is a wacko about some stuff. One day while "educating them" about animals, using beanie baby animals to illicit the name of the animal from the children (so advanced for 4-5 year olds????uh, step it up just a notch???) and asked the name of a cute blue bird. "Blue Jay " they all replied. THEN, "teacher" says, "are Blue Jays bad or good?" The class, all but my son I think, "BAD". My son, ever the nature lover and lover of truth replies, "uh, (insert teacher name), Bluejays are mostly nice to humans." She ignores him but he sticks his hand up calling her name again. She calls on him and he says his blue jay jag again to which she replies, "no, they are bad!" uh….what could she possibly have against bluejays and what is the crazy indoctrination against them she is trying to force on the children? weird and well, dumb.

Also, at the end of the day she lines everyone up to cast her judgement of the day on them saying "you are good , you get a sticker. you are bad, you do not get a sticker." She has claimed to me that the sticker is her bargaining chip to entice them to be good. What about behavior because it is the kind/right/nice thing to do? After all, they are 4-5 for christs sake. Bribery over actually learning has more value for her. Weird and well, dumb.

I am tempted to send her the psychology that I am learning in class. Erickson's' "Eight Stages of Man". The second psychosocial crisis is had at the preschool age 2 1/2 -4//5 years of age. This stage is called "Learning Autonomy vs. Shame" You learn if you are capable to make choices and are thought to be competent. Learning that you can do things on your own without relying on others is really important.

To see the whole list…go to:

I still can't figure out how to do a link in my blog here…help from any WordPressers would be nice??? xxoo

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  1. January 19, 2007 3:49 pm

    i hear that toos!

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