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Going on vacation soon

May 8, 2006

My family and I are going to Cape Cod, prescisely Provincetown, or Ptown if you are from there, which my husband is. I am pretty excited to get the fuck out of dodge and be done with school for a bleedin second. Yea!

I LOVE Provincetown because it is beautiful, clean, remote, fun, artsy and where some family lives so we go for free. I love the ponds and frogs. I love the night sky overlooking the harbor. I love George and all his junk and crazy wall he posts stuff on. I love the diversity of Ptown. I love that Drag Queens make comment on how cute my kids are while they are hocking their show. I love being mistaken for a lesbian couple when I walk around town with Leslie and her kiddos. I love Crack Tofu and the gals at A-go-go. I love Front Street and Cafe Heaven. I love knowing everyone and feeling at home even though I don't live there anymore. I love seeing John Waters in the morning getting his coffee and seeing his guests wondering through town–like I totally walked right past Patty Hearst a couple of years ago. OHMYGOSH. I love my MIL store, Lembas and I love getting coffee from Nelson and Linda in the morning. So many things to love.

Where do you vacation and why do you love it?

Travel, go away, get out of your element. Get around. Have adventures.

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  1. January 18, 2007 5:58 pm

    love that chest!

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