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it is a wonder that we have lasted this long

May 4, 2006

Considering how complex our body and its various systems are…it is a wonder, truly that we have lasted this long in the universe. I am a bit overwhelmed with my Biology class lately and the truely awesome processes our bodies under take.

 Lets all pause and reflect on our selves and do something good for your body…right now. Exercise, laugh, eat something good for you, breath fresh air, drink some clean water, sleep soundly…use your imagination. 

My friend is gestating 2!! children right now and is actually growing a person with a vagina and one with a penis as we all sit here and read this. think, gee that person had SEX..but did you ever think about that one of the most complex things in the world starts off as SEX.

It should be more complicated than that. Really. Seriously. Like a test or something.

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