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epiphinous analogy

April 3, 2006

Spines on a cactus are what cuteness is to children. Cuteness serves no other purpose than to ensure that someone takes care of a wee one and continues to prosper the species. Notice all baby animals are also cute. There is something about small, helpless, babyish and needful that all adults respond to. Even people that aren’t “baby people” can relate to a baby and appreciate its cuteness.

Luckily for my children, they are cute. And humorous. So, we let them live. Not only live but continue to encourage them in their adorable senses of humor and intellect. What defenses does a parent develope as they evolve from a single individual with no responsibility toward another person directly, other than the normal ethical behavior we are expected to display?

Live on little sleep? Eat leftover food from a toddlers plate to sustain us? Lighting quick reflexes to catch vomit in your hand before it lands on the couch? We are breastfeeding family and there are some catchy BF t-shirts out there, like…”I make milk, what is your super power?” I envision a big P on my stretchy lycra super hero outfit, miraculously made to turn my flab into muscle and make me apprear 2 sizes smaller but is as comfortable as a cotton nightie…a la’ the incredibles seamtress or something and I swoop in to declare my powers to put toys away using only the power of my mind, end squabbling instantly with the gentle gaze of my green eyes….what would my super power be?

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  1. Heidi permalink
    April 4, 2006 12:56 pm

    I came as a result of the link from Keith’s blog. Welcome to the blogging world. I’ve been meaning to call but have seriously had no time. I promise to call soon.

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